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Sables Mission Statement

Sables are a part of SCI committed to furthering the understanding of our
outdoor heritage, including the positive role of hunting, through the creation and
support of wildlife and conservation educational programs.
SCI Foundation Sables are leaders in wildlife education, dedicated to preserving
the legacy of our hunting heritage worldwide. Founded in 1984 by the women of SCI, the
SCI Foundation Education Sables have developed numerous outstanding programs,
funded and coordinated by the Foundation, designed to promote love of the outdoors and
respect for nature. Their support of outdoor education programs, especially among the
youth, has promoted conservation and the positive role that hunting plays in its
implementation. fun, food, new friends, volunteering and fund raising for our Education
Mission. Using a combination of events, auctions, and other activities, Education Sables
meet new people with a common goal, share in activities

The blueprint at the national and local level is simple: which fund education programs, and
enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

Drawn together by their respect for wildlife and passion for our outdoor heritage, SCIF
Education Sables come from all walks of life. Using their many talents and skills, they work
together to share their joy and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation.
Why the Sable?

The Sable, one of the largest and most stunning representatives of the antelope
family, is an elegant animal with a glossy coat and distinctive markings. Swift
and fierce in defending its young and its territory, the Sable stands as a
magnificent symbol of our outdoor heritage.

Education Sables Strategic Vision

To be the recognized leader in sustainable use
wildlife conservation  and education worldwide.


Mike Walters

Vice President  



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