Life-size Taxidermy Mount Including Hardwood Base & Habitat Display From Smith’s
Taxidermy Studio, LLC

Eric & Niki Smith of Smith’s Taxidermy Studio, LLC have generously donated a life-sized animal mount
similar in size to a Mountain Goat, Leopard, Black Bear or Whitetail which includes a hardwood base
and habitat. This can be upgraded to a larger animal but additional charges would apply.  With
customer service being a top priority, we understand the amount of time and effort that goes into
harvesting that once-in-a-lifetime trophy. Please take this opportunity to stop by and speak with Eric
at his booth about what you have in mind so that his team can help you “Preserve your memory for a
lifetime!”  This donation cannot be coupled with other donations from Smith’s Taxidermy Studio, LLC
and is not valid for work already under contract. This donation expires December 31st, 2018.  All of us
at Lehigh Valley would like to welcome and thank the Smith’s for this 100% donation!

Smith’s Taxidermy Studio, LLC
Eric & Niki Smith
245 Oak Meadow Lane
Morrisdale, PA 16858
Phone: (814) 592-8648
5 Day Night Hunt for 2 Hunters with Numzaan Safaris

Eric & Niki Smith with Numzaan Safaris have generously donated a 5 day Night Hunt in the Limpopo
Province of South Africa with Numzaan Safaris for 2 hunters with 1 Professional Hunter for March 2017
– October 2018. Included in this hunt are trophy fees PER HUNTER FOR: 1 Honey Badger, 1 Genet Cat,
1 African Wildcat, 1 Jackal, 1 Baboon, and 1 Vervet Monkey. Also included are transport to and from O.
R. Tambo Airport, all lodge accommodations, meals, transportation, beverages, daily laundry/house
cleaning and field prep for trophies harvested. Also included in this donation is a $500 taxidermy
credit from Smith’s Taxidermy Studio per hunter for animals harvested on this Safari. Safari may be
upgraded with additional clients, extra days, or additional animals with additional charges. Not
included are any permits (including Cites permits for trophies). This donation cannot be coupled with
other donations from Numzaan Safaris. Stop by and see Niki and Eric so they can help Numzaan be
your “Gateway to Africa!” and to thank Niki and Eric Smith with Numzaan Safaris for this 100% donation.

                                                                                                                             Retail Value is $10,070.
Numzaan Safaris
Stef Swanepoel, Owner
Eric & Niki Smith, US Representatives
245 Oak Meadow Lane
Morrisdale, PA 16858
Phone: (814) 592¬-8648
Email: or