$1,500 Credit Toward Custom Jewelry of your Floating Bones or Elk Ivory

If you have wondered about what to do with your elk ivory or your floating bones then think no longer.  
Noreen Shenk has donated a custom design for your trophy to be created personally with you.  Whether
you want a pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings or cufflinks… the choice is completely up to you how to use
your credit.  You will work directly with Noreen to create your one of a kind piece.  She will take the time
to analyze your piece individually and set it to garner the most optimum angle and look for your
particular trophy.  Stop by Noreen’s booth, say hello and thank her for this 100% donation.
Noreen Shenk                                                        RETAIL VALUE $1,500
Shenk’s Fine Jewelry
Phone: 717-487-0958