Hello All,

We have an overload of animals at the lodge property so we MUST get rid of them
ASAP. I don't know if you have any corporate customers but this would be a perfect
deal for them. If you have someone just learning to hunt or that has a hard time
getting around this is a great opportunity.  

These animals are on a 100 acre high fence property and will be pretty easy to get.
All animals are in very good shape. The list of animals and prices are listed below.

1ea Mature Axis                                  $1600 ($1000 off)

2ea 3 year old Axis                             $1400 ($1200 off)

1ea 3.5 year old Choc Fallow             $1800 ($ 800 off)

1ea 1.5 year old White Fallow            $1000 ($1600 off) Sold

1ea 3 year old Black Buck (18")         $1600 ($1000 off) Sold

1ea Mature Aoudad Rams (25-30")   $2200  ($1000 off)

3ea Aoudad Rams (22"-24")              $1800  ($1400 off)

Aoudad and Axis females  
with purchase of any Male                  $  300 Sold 2

All hunts include 2 days lodging and meals.

Meat processing and taxidermy not included.

George Nelson
Trash Rack Outfitters
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